Art in the Anchorage 14

Natalie Bookchin, CB Cooke, Sue Johnson, Michael Joo, Laura Kurgan, Jaron Lanier, Julia Meltzer and Amanda Ramos, Michael Naimark, Ben Rubin, Adrianne Wortzel, Grahame Weinbren and James Cathcart.

August 14-15, 1997
Under The Brooklyn Bridge
Photo © 1997 Theo Choulombe

Plug In! Eleven installations at the Anchorage explored how technology influences the way we perceive ourselves and our surroundings with Floating Point Unit’s virtual installation on the website and a preview of the Wish Machine. Music in the Anchorage included performances by Sonic Youth, Praxis, Scanner, Main, Scorn, Ben Neill, Vernon Reid, Talvin Singh, DJ Spooky, DJ Olive, Ninja Tune Stealth, and Liquid Sky Music.

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