Artist Statement

LEAP is a celebration of the energy and exuberance of individual New Yorkers. Having grown up in a culture that lionizes celebrity, I wanted to rethink the urban monument as an homage to the non-famous and to honor their aspirations. In a city of buildings dominated by corporate logos and celebrity images, LEAP alters the cityscape, if only for a short time, to reflect the complexity, energy and diversity of the city and its people.

The centerpiece of the project is a video projection shown on the facade of 2 Columbus Circle. A continuous stream of New Yorkers will appear one by one at the base of the building and leap up across the height of the facade, slipping into the sky. I chose the site for the piece not only because it is a hub for commuters both above and below ground but also because the building sits opposite the monument to Christopher Columbus. The juxtaposition of a traditional sculpture perched atop a classical column as a base provides a striking counterpoint to LEAP in form and meaning.

Each of the participants was first asked to jump on videotape. We then asked them to talk a little bit about their hopes and dreams for the future. In truly idiosyncratic New York style the participants were open with their feelings and their responses ranged from warm to wacky. The result of some of these interviews can be seen under ASPIRATIONS and as part of the SUBWAY CONNECTION.


Chris Doyle has completed numerous public art projects, many in and around New York City. He has worked in Grand Central Station, Creative Time's Brooklyn Anchorage of the Brooklyn Bridge and at the stairs to the Williamsburg Bridge with Commutable, a project of the Public Art Fund. His work has been generously supported by Creative Capital, New York Foundation for the Arts and The Macdowell Colony. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn.

Chris Doyle's LEAP:
An outdoor projection celebrating the hope and aspirations of New Yorkers
2 Columbus Circle
Thursday April 27 - Sunday April 30
Dusk - 10 pm
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