Anne Pasternak
Tara Subkoff

Scharff Weisberg

Carlo McCormick

Shelley Fox Aarons, M.D. and Philip E. Aarons
Douglas Baxter
Hugh L. Carey Battery Park City Authority
Gabriella De Ferrari
Beth Rudin DeWoody
Louise Eastman
Emily Glasser and Billy Susman
Peggy Jacobs
Elise Mac Adam and Stephen Kramarsky
Bella Meyer and Martin Kace
Issey Miyake, Tribeca
Tondra and Jeffrey Lynford, Lynford Charitable Trust
Missy and Jim O'Shaughnessy
Betsy and Clifford Ross
Annie and Robert Tirschwell

Doug Aitken
Evie and Steven Alden
Lisa Anastos
Laurie Anderson
Shimon Attie
Sarah Hogate Bacon
Stefano Basilico
Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan
Peter Blum Gallery
Michael Brenson
Nancy Bressler and Doug Starn
Christine Burgin and William Wegman
Joanne Leonhardt Cassullo
Liz Christensen
Jane and James Cohan
Dillon Cohen
CRG Gallery
Clay Dean
Jeffrey Deitch
Wendy Dembo
Rimjhim Dey
Sussan Deyhim
Marie Douglas-David
Mandie Erickson
Karen Finley
Yvonne Force
Katie Ford
Janet Froelich and Richard Stepler
Sandra Gering Gallery
Philip Glass
RoseLee Goldberg and Dakota Jackson
Thelma Golden
Jennifer and Carl Goodman
Anthony J. Gordon
Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn
Karin and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders
Scott Griffin
Cai Guo-Qiang
Peter Halley
Robert Hammond
Phil Hartman
Kim Hastreiter
Laurie Hawkinson and Henry Smith-Miller
David Hershkovits
Tom Healy and Fred Hochberg
Jim Hodges
Jenny Holzer
Laura Hoptman and Verne Dawson
Bree Jeppson and Markus Dochantschi
Pamela Johnson
Mariana and Jerry Joseph
Paul Judelson / I-20
Jo Laird and I. Michael Danoff
Adelle Lutz
Josh Madell
Anne Maffei
MF Productions
Paul Miller aka DJ Spooky
Patrick O'Connell
Annie Ohayon
Catherine Orentreich
Mario J. Palumo
Nancy and Joel Portnoy
Robert Ransick
Lou Reed
Doreen Remen
Peter Remes
Susan Reynolds and Lance Kinz
Renee Riccardo and Paul Laster
Andrea Rosen Gallery
Joan Rosenbaum
Josh Rosner
Julie Rottenberg and Ben Rubin
Aida Ruilova and Julian Laverdiere
Barbara and Ira Sahlman
Jack Shainman Gallery
Victoria Shaw and Edwin Cohen
Cindy Sherman and Paul H-O
Carol Stakenas
Mike Starn
Sue Stoffel
Tara Subkoff
Times Square Alliance
Janaina Tschape and Vik Muniz
Amanda Weil
Benjamin Weil
Thea Westreich and Ethan Wagner
Natalee Wolff
Cary Woods
Marina Zurkow

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