Anthony McCall and Lawrence Weiner

Each Creative Time project is a journey, and this year more than ever. Just two short years ago we began to take our artist dream projects across the country. In this past year alone we commissioned artists’ public projects that reached twenty-four cities (from New York City to Los Angeles) with more than fifteen partner institutions (from the New Museum to the Hammer). Now, for the first time in our thirty-five year history, we are proud to be commissioning art projects not just in cities around the nation, but also across the globe.

In the summer, travel seems to be on everyone’s mind. Jeremy Deller left the safe haven of New York for a road trip through the country to encourage conversations about Iraq. Visitors are swarming the hotly anticipated High Line on Manhattan’s west side, to see the visionary new park and Spencer Finch’s installation that documents his journey down the Hudson River. For our group show This World & Nearer Ones, thousands of visitors will take the trip to Governors Island to see new work by nineteen artists and collectives. Over fifty artists from around the globe will come to New York City to talk about their practice at the Creative Time Summit in October, and the millions of people visiting Times Square this year will see the videos Creative Time presents At 44 1/2. International artists consider the events of our times in Creative Time Comics.

While so many artists come to New York from around the nation and around the globe, we are proud to send artists out into the world. As part of our new Global Residency program supported by the Rockefeller Foundation's Cultural Innovation Fund, we are thrilled to send Maya Lin, Walid Raad, and Judi Werthein abroad this fall to answer burning questions they have about the world. We are proud to support other artist projects around the world, such as Swoon and company’s Swimming Cities of Serenissima, a boat trip from Sarajevo to Venice (thanks to our friends at the Trust for Mutual Understanding). We’re even producing a Nollywood film by Danish artist Jakob Boeskov.

Because we long for some good summer travel reading, we asked some of our artists to speak together about their work, travel plans, and more. Somehow between juggling projects and catching the next airplane, twelve incredible artists managed to chat about art, zombies, the properties of light, education, glamour, and the daughters of famous writers. Instead of boring headshots, we asked the artists to send us snapshots from their travels.

As with any journey, it is not the destination alone that gives meaning. It’s the process, the people you meet along the way, and the moments of reflection that add profound meaning. We thank everybody who accompanied us on this little trip and all of you who continue to be a part of our journey to investigate the profound role art can have in our society. While you sit back to enjoy the conversations on the following pages, all of us at Creative Time look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming destinations.