Bestow a Key

To bestow a key, simply visit the Key to the City kiosk in Times Square, on Broadway, between 43rd and 44th Streets from June 3 to June 27, 2010. Key to the City is open M–F 2p–8p; Sa–Su 12p–8p, but please note that due to the popularity of the project, the line to receive keys will close at 6:30PM daily.

We encourage you to bring someone with you as you will not only receive a key, but also bestow a key through a special ceremony. If you come alone, you can still participate—or, you might even meet someone in line who you want to award the key. As you wait in line, you will receive a guidebook with information about each site the key opens and Creative Time volunteers will explain how the key bestowal ceremony works. Part of preparing for the key bestowal ceremony involves filling out a template script, which you will read aloud during your ceremony.

When you reach the front of the line, you (and your partner) will enter a temporary park that the artist refers to as “the commons.” Upon entering the commons, you will fill out a page of the communal ledger, preserving the key ceremony for posterity. You will then read aloud the script that you filled out in line, specifying the reason you are bestowing the key upon your partner, and award them the Key to the City. They will then award you a key in return, and you will both be official holders of the Key to the City.