Brooklyn Museum

Only a small fraction of the public collection is visible on these walls—the rest of the collection is in storage.

Before you go: there is a suggested donation of $10 for adults and $6 for seniors and students to enter the museum. Members and children under 12 accompanied by an adult are admitted for free.

Street Address: 200 Eastern Pkwy
Hours: W–F 10a–5p; Sa–Su 11a–6p

Getting there: 2, 3 trains to Eastern Pkwy-Brooklyn Museum

Once you arrive at the museum: purchase tickets at their Visitor Center. Follow the large arrow that says “EVERYBODY.” Walk through the archway and follow signs for the elevators. Proceed to the 5th floor, Luce Center for American Art. Walk into the first room, and continue straight into the second room.

Your key will unlock: a hidden door on the left-hand wall, between the portrait of Mrs. Sylvester Gardiner by John Singleton Copley, and the portrait of George Washington by Charles Willson Peale.

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  1. [...] the City yesterday from the folks at Creative Time.  Feeling empowered and ready to open up that hidden door in the Brooklyn Museum.  We also installed and verified the locked box inside the Freshkills Park tour bus.  Tour [...]

  2. veedub says:

    loved this! this must be the best key site – hard to imagine anyone topping what’s locked here in the brooklyn museum! thank u, key to the city project, for getting me out to this museum. really enjoyed the Warhol and Fashion exhibits at the museum too :)

  3. Eleanor says:

    I had a little trouble locating the room with the locked door, which was OK; despite many previous visits to the Brooklyn Museum, I had never really spent time in that section. Opening the door was a childhood fantasy realized, a special part of a museum that only I could visit. Pure magic!

  4. Mari J says:

    If any one would like to copy their key please let me know! I am willing to pick it up from you and cover the costs for having it copied. Thanks!

  5. this was such a treat, amazing ^_^
    the door is not marked, so other museum visitors get really surprised when you open it, making you feel very special.

  6. L.A. says:

    Try to go on a day when the greenmarket is nearby. Sooo delicious!!! Check out my adventure :)

  7. Melissa says:

    This was magical! Make sure to check out the Kiki Smith exhibit and the contemporary wing.

  8. The Wings says:

    Very life like!

  9. Matthew Gaynord says:

    Very cool Truly a VIP – backstage access type feeling.

  10. Jersey Girl says:

    Definitely backstage access feel. The guards were nice and helpful when our key got stuck. Lots of fun.

  11. if anyone has a key, i would loe the opportunity to see all these spots. i just found out about the project. i would pay you for the copy cost or just return the key AND bake you treats!