Freshkills Park

It took us half a century but we made this together.

Hours: A limited number of seats have been reserved for holders of the Key to the City on every public bus tour of the Freshkills Park site this summer. If you’re interested in joining a 10am or 1pm tour on 6/5, 6/19, 7/10, 7/24, 8/7 or 8/21 and you’ve got the Key, contact Doug at with the subject line ‘Key to the City’, or call 212-788-8277, to check availability.

Street Address: Tours begin at the Eltingville Transit Center, at the corner of Arthur Kill Rd and Richmond Ave
Getting there: Many buses stop at the transportation center; please see the website for details

Once you arrive at the Eltingville Transit Center: you will meet a guide for your tour of Freshkills Park. Make sure to tell the guide that you hold the Key to the City.

Your key will unlock: a box within the tour bus. Your guide will show you where it is.

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  1. [...] to open up that hidden door in the Brooklyn Museum.  We also installed and verified the locked box inside the Freshkills Park tour bus.  Tour attendees who hold the Key to the City, just let the tour guide know, and he/she will [...]

  2. Kyle says:

    Very cool to be the first Keyholder to open the box (I went to the first tour after the box had been installed), the content of which got a good laugh from most of us if not some use during the tour as well (it would have probably been very time consuming to have everyone on the tour go individually, so our group seemed fine with getting pictures with the box/the mystery contained within during and at the end of the tour).

  3. veedub says:

    when i emailed Doug with the parks service to ask abt tour availabilities, he was not only informative (offering other tour date options), but also quick to respond and funny! how many times can u say u’ve laughed when being told, “sorry, we don’t have room on that date?” :)

    while i haven’t been able to make any of the tour times work (yet!) because of my schedule, i have to say the parks folks are great (Doug at least!) and they make me want to get out to Freshkills all the more.

    keep up the great work!

  4. Phil C says:

    My favorite of all the sites I’ve visited so far. This was one of the more difficult sites to visit but it was worth the effort. I was lucky enough to be registered for the tour specifically for key holders only. The contents of the box was a pleasant surprise and everyone was able to make use of it. Doug was a very informative guide. Thanks for making a hot day enjoyable! In my opinion, a must visit.

  5. Matt Gaynord says:

    easiest way to book a tour is online. If you haven’t booked yet, get to it or you’ll never make the Labor Day deadline. Tours are FULL but FUN. In fact met two new friends on the tour and we traveled to the other sites in Staten Island together…

  6. Mari J says:

    If any one would like to copy their key please let me know! I am willing to pick it up from you and cover the costs for having it copied. Thanks!

  7. L.A. says:

    Panicking about not having a spot yet on this, anyone have an extra spot and want to help a girl out?! Email me at, I’ll write you a poem or bake you cookies!

  8. Svetlana says:

    I loved this tour so much. Can’t wait to go back to Freshkills in a year or two when they build it up a bit more. A beutiful location. Tour guide was super friendly and informative. The key surprise is pretty neat too.
    Give yourself plenty of time to get there, public transit is not as fast as you would hope.

  9. The Wings says:

    It’s a vision and it would be a great place when it’s done.

  10. stacey says:

    is it too late for me to see this? i wanted to make it my goal to visit every single lock, and I am almost there, but thought about SI too late. oh dear! I so want the prize!

  11. Catherine says:

    Going tomorrow and I am really excited from having read all the comments here. Doug is, in fact, really great. He was really helpful in helping me book a tour and called to confirm that I would be there, which I have to assume is because he wants to replace potential no-shows with people from his waiting list. He is definitely going the extra mile for key holders.

  12. Doug says:

    Hello all,

    I have a few spaces remaining on what will be the final tour of Freshkills Park that you can unlock our Key to the City box. Please email me at or call 212-788-8277 to check for availability. If you didn’t make it out to the Freshkills Park site and would like to visit post-Key to the City (tours run through mid-November), you can sign up for our public tour program here:

    Thanks to everyone who came out – it was wonderful meeting all of you!

    Doug Elliott
    Freshkills Park Outreach Coordinator

  13. Tom Wall says:

    Doug has also been extremely helpful to me in finding a tour! I will be there this Saturday, 8/28. For anyone who hasn’t done this site yet, SIGN UP – it’s your last chance!

  14. L.A. says:

    Freshkills rocks and Doug was an AMAZING guide! Can’t wait to go back on oct 3rd!!!

  15. Tom Wall says:

    This site was hands-down one of my favorites! Doug was awesome; his passion for and knowledge of the project was inspiring. The site itself is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! It’s hard to believe that a place with such raw natural beauty still exists in New York. Absolutely amazing.