Share Photos and Experiences

You can contribute additional directions, suggestions about where to eat in each neighborhood, or other thoughts about the locks on their individual pages. Here’s how you do it:

  • Visit the Open a Lock section of this website
  • Select a lock site
  • Scroll down to the bottom of its page, and enter the necessary information. Your email address will not be published or added to any lists: it’s for verification purposes only.

You can also show off how many sites you visit and share your photos of the project on this website!

  • Visit the Key to the City Flickr page.
  • Join the group by clicking the blue “Join this Group” link underneath the title of the page.
  • Upload your pictures to your personal Flickr account. They’re free if you don’t have one already
  • Click on the picture you want to share, and when it’s page loads, click the button that says “Send to Group.” It’s the second button from the left on top of the picture.
  • Select the Key to the City Group.
  • Check back at to see your photo appear soon!

Think you can get to every lock?

  • Everyone who uploads pictures of themselves at every site gets a special prize from DKNY and a Creative Time Book!
  • Just upload all your pictures and send us a note to to let us know it’s you in the pictures.

Your Tweets can end up on!

  • Use the hashtag #keytocity when you’re Tweeting and your Tweets will end up on the main page of this website!