The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Here, culture is in public storage.

Before you go: There is a recommended admission of $20 for adults, $15 for seniors, and $10 for students.

Street Address: Fifth Ave at 82nd St
Hours: Tu–Th 9:30a–5:30p; F–Sa 9:30a–9p;
Su 9:30a–5:30p

Getting there: 4, 5, 6 trains to 86th St

Once you arrive at the entrance of the museum: go directly to the information desk in the Great Hall and present your Key to the City.

Your key will unlock: admission for a limited number of early birds.
*Please note that this lock site is open only through June 27.

View Key to the City in a larger map


  1. Bill says:

    Free admission thanks to the key? Not such a big deal. Admission to the MET is already pay what you wish, you can enter for a dime if you want to, or a penny. If you go make sure you hit the bamboo forest that is up on the roof this summer.

  2. roofing says:

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  3. Eleanor says:

    Free admission alone would have been cool, but the presentation in the music box, with the little note inside, made it extra special. We used the opportunity to see galleries we don’t normally visit.

  4. Sam says:

    Met is already pay-what-you-wish, but we decided to go anyway. Didn’t work out, and there was no note in the music box! Curious to know what it said.

  5. iCeLiNg says:

    Got to the Metropolitan Museum at around 10am and guess what? All the free MET buttons for FREE admission were already given out. I guess all the early bird came out extra early today since it was the last at of the free admission. Was kind of disappointed that there were no locks to open but the music box looked nice thou. I also saw the same music box in the museum store. Ended up buying a musical instrument at the museum store but didn’t go to explore the museum further since we were quite tired from lack of sleep to get to the the museum at such an early time, unfortunately we weren’t early enough. It was okay, since I’ve been to this museum countless times and the main exhibit that I really wanted to see was the new bamboo forest at the roof of the museum. They were still doing construction and setting up the last time I went there a few months ago. So that would had been nice had we gotten some time to check that exhibit out. Oh wells, maybe next time. We did however stumble upon FREE ice cream give-away from Ben & Jerry’s outside the Apple store at 5th Avenue and 59th street. That was pretty cool!

  6. Phil C says:

    Missed out on the free admission but loved the museum anyways. The bamboo exhibit on the roof is a must see.

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  8. fabricio & maciel says:

    the music box was beautiful, there was no note in it, maybe because we went the last day, what did the note say?

  9. this was an odd key location since the MET is always kinda free. i guess it was good for the tourists. do see the Big Bamboo, so cool.

  10. Mmogold says:

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  11. Matt Gaynord says:

    Even though I was too late for the actual key, they could not have been nicer at the information desk and actually looked for the box for me anyway.

  12. The Wings says:

    This was done before we got the key. I wished they had extended it.

  13. Bella says:

    Many thanks and much appreciation to CreativeTime for pulling this off!! As I read the comments, I see that some Key holders mention a prize being awarded to those who document opening all the locks. I don’t see info on this anywhere–to satisfy my curiosity (this is clearly a project for the curious!) could someone explain? THX!