Tortilleria Nixtamal

At home as well as in the world, some of the best rooms are not for the guests.

Street Address: 104-05 47th Ave
Hours: M–Th 11a–9p; F–Su 11a–10p

Getting there: 7 train to 103rd St–Corona Plaza

Once you arrive at this storefront restaurant: tell one of the servers that you hold the Key to the City.

Your key will unlock: a room in the building that the staff will escort you to.

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  1. Kate says:

    While I was surprised to have the door closed for me just to use my key, the adventure and surprises were behind the door and down the stairs. The women here were gracious and outgoing, sharing the steps of making tortillas from scratch. I made my own. It was muy feo but delicious.

  2. Anna T says:

    I enjoy making my own tortilla, but I think mines was a little under cook & they don’t supply any fillings for you’re tortilla; but still enjoyable.

  3. Laura Brose says:

    I was initially hesitant about going to this place and, eventually eating there, but I’m glad I did. I loved the food, the staff, the explanation about how they make Nixtamal, and the lesson in tortilla-making (I learned I would not last a day as a tortilla cook. The long-suffering lady who helped make my misshapen tortilla was probably sick of this whole thing but seemed to have a lot of patience.)
    That said, time and money permitting, I plan to eat there again.
    The inside look at their kitchen actually gave me a lot of confidence in their place. As restaurant kitchens go, theirs was pretty clean and orderly. I should know. When I was a kid, there was a period of time (about 30 years ago) when my father was an Amway Distributor. He would go to various restaurants to sell and deliver Dish Drops, the dish detergent Amway made. (Amway still makes Dish Drops. There’s a reason. It is extremely gentle on the hands. When my father was selling it to restaurants, the dishwashers at some places liked it so much, they told him they would use ONLY Dish Drops.) So he saw a lot of restaurant kitchens. He likes to say that if people saw what restaurant kitchens are really like, they’d never eat out again!

  4. lisa says:

    i was told by the only employee present that only the owner can let you use your key. she never showed up even though the waitress said repeatedly she would ‘any minute now’. Two hours later, I finally left. I never got to use my key or make fun tortillas like the others. There were two other key groups that finally left too without using their keys. What a waste of my time!

  5. iCeLiNg says:

    We got to make our own Tortilla here… very cool! The food at the restaurant is delicious too! Highly recommend it if you are in Queens. Also, if you are in the mood for something sweet.. go down two streets to Timmy O’s frozen Custards. The “ice-cream” there are delicious. So worth the trip and the owner Timmy is so helpful, friendly and super nice. He gave us a taste of every flavor frozen custard. we couldn’t resist and brought our very own cup size of frozen banana flavor custards. Yummy!

  6. The Wings says:

    This place is delicious, nutritious, informative and fun. Very cool.

  7. Alison Lau says:

    Just a general question: if we bring a friend along (who doesn’t have a key), can they also make tortillas, etc?

  8. I went with a friend and we both had a key, but she was the only one who showed it and she was the one who opened the door. So, yes, bring a friend and they too can participate, just say “we have a key to the city.”

  9. L.A. says:

    One of my FAVORITES! Everyone got the tour and to make tortillas! So fun!

  10. DeeDee says:

    i went and quickly became disappointed. i waited 20 minutes before one of the waiters finally told me that the person in the kitchen was busy (i think that’s what he said – he was talking with a very low voice) this was one i actually looked forward too…

  11. JOhn Meyer says:

    Great food have the tostada really great authentic food lot of fun making the tortillas will go back!

  12. Tom Wall says:

    This is – hands down – my favorite site so far. The tour was amazing, the food was delicious, and the staff and owners were so friendly. We will definitely be heading back there for more. :-)

  13. psychopooch says:

    One of my favorites and yummiest locations! We lucked out in timing too since Paul Ramirez Jonas was there for the tour :)

    Definitely going back for the food and bringing more friends next time around.

  14. Matt Gaynord says:

    If you do NOTHING ELSE … DO THIS. Because of the unique nature of this opportunity, it is dependent upon the owner being present and the kitchen being available but it is definitely worth the wait. I truly felt “special” and learned a lot too. Am definitely going back there… If there is a prize for the locations, the staff here should win it.

  15. Jersey Girl says:

    WONDERFUL staff! A great learning experience AND wonderful food. We enjoyed our lunch and the tour. While we were there, 3 other Key tourist came as well. The owner took each of us individually on our tour, the staff were friendly and helpful. I can wait to go back again!