Trinity Church

To be buried in the city is to become part of the city.

Street Address: 74 Trinity Place
Hours: M–F 7a–5p; Sa 8a–3p; Su 7a–3p

Getting there: 4, 5 trains to Wall St; 1, R, W trains to Rector St

Once you arrive at the front doors of the church on Broadway: don’t go through the main doors—turn left and walk along the path leading around the church.

Your key will unlock: the padlock on a chain around the first gate you come to. Behind the gate you’ll find the churchyard that holds Alexander Hamilton’s tomb.

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  1. newyorker says:

    Went after work today. Area was clearly open to the public. Gate was open, and the chain was wound around it in a way that clearly indicated that it wasn’t to be relocked.

  2. Jen says:

    We had the same experience and wondered when there would be a time that the get was padlocked but the church’s gate was open. Either way it got us exploring the graveyard and we had fun.

  3. Reeshiez says:

    The door was unlocked when we went but it was still fun to go to! They have a free tour at 2 pm so I suggest going then.

  4. Gary says:

    newyorker wrote: “the chain was wound around it in a way that clearly indicated that it wasn’t to be relocked.” Wonder if this was done by a visitor, or by a staff person. If it was a staffer, it would seem that whoever was responsible to communicate the ideas and intentions and procedure of this project didn’t do a very good job.

  5. jtml says:

    I take my students here every fall for a field trip to visit Alexander Hamilton’s grave… it has always been open to the public!

  6. Phil C says:

    Gate was opened with chained wrapped around the gate but the lock was missing.

  7. iCeLiNg says:

    This was an interesting site… most interesting that it had a cemetery on the side of the church. The tree was a unique design. I was actually at this site twice since the first time I visited I went there too late and the church grounds were closing. I was however disappointed that someone stole the padlock on this gate as well. However, it doesn’t look like this gate was ever “locked” since the chains were wrapped around the gate. But still an interesting site to see.

  8. Eleanor says:

    What a disappointment — as others have commented, the gate was open when I went. I used to live in the area, was surprised that the churchyard was on the list, since it always used to be open. While I enjoyed my visit, it still felt like a cheat.

  9. That’s a good news. thank you for your post to tell me this.

  10. The Wings says:

    The gate was open already. There was plenty of serendipity there. Alexander Hamilton and his wife, Robert Fulton and several American Revolution War veterans.

  11. Amy says:

    As previous posters have reported, the gate is ‘locked open’ so you don’t need a key to get in. The groundspeople told me that visitors w/the key would re-lock the gate and then subsequently the security staff couldn’t re-open it because THEY didn’t have the key. That’s pretty lame. Nonetheless, it was fun to walk around that graveyard, see the amazing weathered headstones, odd placement of some of the grave markers, and then descend down the stairs to the back entrance onto Trinity Place.

  12. Jennifer says:

    Does anyone know if you have to physically be in all of the site photos to receive the special prize at the end for visiting all the sites? I ended up going to some of these by myself and, especially for the ones in remote areas, there were no passersby that I could ask to take the photo for me…

  13. Matt Gaynord says:

    Be sure to check out the Trinity Museum (free) which has a great display on Alexander Hamilton. Also while in the neighborhood, Federal Hall – where George Washington became President of the United States (as NYC was the capitol) as well as Wall Street.

  14. Tom Wall says:

    @Jennifer, you can find the details for the picture requirements at:

    If you’re looking to claim the prize for visiting all 24 sites, then yes, I believe you have to be in the photos. I went by myself to many of them and just hedged it by taking a photo of myself. The photos aren’t that great, but they’re clear enough to show that I as at the site. You still have enough time to retake those photos! Go for it!