April 2 4:00pm | Carnegie Mellon University | Doherty Hall, Room 2210 | 5000 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA | RSVP via Facebook


One Response to Rally at Carnegie Mellon University, in collaboration with The Andy Warhol Museum and The Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University

  1. Hi guys, gals and moo- cha-chas!

    Thoroughly provoked by your presentation yesterday, although it was misrepresented as a “rally.” I’d like to suggest that the content of your ideas calls for a much bigger context than the art school audience whose domain you are critiquing. I invite you to engage political activists, economists, unions, arts managers and non-arts but affiliated in spirit D.I.Yers. As an example, an opportunity was missed in Pittsburgh which is ground zero for union activism. Along with unions, public arts funding is being slammed by Republican governors across the country, along with all other “social benefits.” There is a school for arts management at Carnegie Mellon whose students could have been part of yesterday’s conversation as well. There are a number of grass-roots, artist generated groups– not that much different than your own which could have been involved in the discussion. I have to ask, is your goal to have people take action, to transform the state of art schools today? or is it just to confront the very people you are critiquing and leave them pissed off? If it’s the second, you did your job yesterday. If it’s the first, I ask you to do your homework on the next community that the golden limo takes you to– and engage the folks whose expertise will truly grapple with the gauntlet you are laying down!

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