Rally at The Cooper Union

On February 28, 2011, in Events, by Creative Time

March 29, 6:30–8:00pm | The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art | The Great Hall | 7 East 7th Street, New York | General Admission | RSVP via Facebook


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  1. olga says:

    We already have extreme anarchy in art education for many years. Kids in art schools learn just almost absolute nothing because their teaches do not have any skills. We have to have rally for at least some education in art. It’s very unfortunate and very sad situation when people without any talent can call themselves artists and even can get to the teacher positions. And untalented people are not interested in accepting talented ones. So situation becomes deeper, it grows like a snowball. Untalented people need and create anarchy because then they can call themselves ‘artists’. Also ‘anarchy’ is a bright word that can attract young inexperienced kids who do not understand yet that it’s against them. We do not need ‘anarchy’ – we need knowledgeable educators, skills and talented artists.

  2. Steven R says:

    Will this be broadcast on the web ?

    • Creative Time says:

      There will not be live videos of the rallies on the web but the BHQF will be regularly updating this blog from the road with relevant information, recaps of the rallies and discussions, anecdotes from their travels, and further opportunities to enter the dialogue about arts education. We encourage you to follow them here (http://teach4amerika.org) throughout the tour.

  3. Edward says:

    It’s time to revolt! Not entirely sure I have a full grasp of what this is all about, but let’s do it…

  4. Anna Grau says:

    Hi, I am the NYC correspondent at ABC daily newspaper, from Spain. I wanna write a piece about you guys going on the road to inspire art students, Merry Pranksters style. I am trying to reach someone for comment and I’ll be happy to attend the Cooper Union event on March 29, please let me know if further steps are required.

    Anna Grau

  5. Diane says:

    Anarchy doesn’t mean disorder, Olga. It means self-organization. It means removing an encumbering bureaucratic structure that impedes the purpose of an artist’s education in the first place. BHQF is not interested in encouraging a go-lucky revolt. Revolutions die out. They celebrate the momentary energy of communal experience, not the quotidian work of making a difference. Teach 4 Amerika, as I understand it, is about applying skeptical thought, a critical gaze – the very same thing a good art education instills – toward the structure of art school itself. If we really believe that art is about opening our eyes to new ways of imagining the world in front of us, then we ought to demand that the schools that purport to teach art stand up to the same scrutiny.

  6. Sounds like a great project. I would like to hear more about Olga’s point with more focus on how to do what she is talking about.

    I am an adjunct teacher at the Kansas City Art Institute and would love to help organize an event there. Please keep in contact!

  7. Marnie says:

    feel so isolated as an artist teacher in public school. this sounds so awesome! Years ago in art school my professor told me that if I didn’t make it as an artist I could always be an art teacher. then he ripped off my ideas…..he only told this to girls-
    I kept from going into teaching because I thought it made me a loser. Well, he was a big asshole and I am kicking ass doing messy big projects with students that may never be artists but are learning about problem solving through process and getting a voice. We have no money in our budget, but cardboard and papermache rock! And Olga, I can draw like Ingres.

  8. Devin Kenny says:

    Kafka is backspinning in his grave.
    Kris Kristofferson too.

    But in all seriousness, I think the quest for sophisticated, well-developed, and malleable, arts education alternatives is a valid one. I don’t think that desire is at all clashing with larger struggles concerning teachers’ rights.

  9. Rah Crawford says:

    I’ve been down with the BHQF for a little while now and I’m really into the dialogue that is generated from their efforts. The ripples in the pond travel far… Across Amerika.. really feeling the range!! Personally, I turned down a 4 year art scholarship back in the day for the very reasons that this rally is taking place. I’m in. I believe.. see you tomorrow!

  10. Su blog es muy útil. Muchas gracias por proporcionar un montón de contenido útil. Tengo guardado su sitio blog y sin duda volvere. Una vez más, agradezco todo su trabajo.

  11. Baryon mejia says:

    I have been a student of the arts since I can remember, from elementary school, junior high school, high school and then the university! If it was not for those small NYC programs I would not have per sued the arts in graphic design. As a professional I can see clearly what students need for today professional world.

    Webcast conference is a great idea! You should look into it, I would pay to log and and view!

  12. raf says:

    I love you

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