The Album and Films

Released in conjunction with the project, the album pairs vocalists who have experienced incarceration with cutting-edge electronic musicians to produce covers of the most enduring house hits.


“Being formerly incarcerated, myself, I am keenly aware of the therapeutic power of music and knew this project would be an opportunity for me to utilize my talent in a constructive way. I believe the people closest to a problem are best positioned to solve it,” said Bring Down The Walls vocalist Cameron Holmes.


Featuring classic house tracks from the mid- to late-80s, such as “Promised Land,” “Your Love,” and the project’s namesake, “Bring Down the Walls,” the album reimagines songs that are as much political anthems as odes to desire, connection, yearning, and physical action.


“When I first heard about the project, I was excited because I am a big fan of house. But while I love music, I never imagined I’d hear my voice on an album,” said Bring Down The Walls vocalist Amanda Cruz. “This opportunity has helped me overcome my fear of being judged on who I am or how I sound. I plan to take this new confidence everywhere I go.”


The newly recorded tracks will be accompanied by original short films, developed with the album’s vocalists and produced as idiosyncratic music videos. Filmed in locations around New York City, these inventive and intimate portraits of the project’s protagonists highlight the vocabularies of self-representation and creativity that exist in communities disproportionately affected by the criminal justice system.


Image: Musician Ian Isiah with vocalist Amanda Cruz during a project recording session in NYC. Photograph by Ana Kraš.