Working in installation, performance, and photography, Chen Chieh-Jen addresses the political legacies of his native Taiwan, including the effects of consumerism, the conception of national borders, and the tension of migration.

Chen Chieh-Jen

Chen Chieh-Jen works in installation, performance, photography, and video to examine the history of Taiwan within the larger context of globalization. His work addresses the effects of consumerism and migration, and the power of the dissemination of images. In Empire’s Borders II – Western Enterprises, Inc. (2010), Chen investigates notions of borders and boundaries within a transforming geopolitical landscape while simultaneously reflecting on the history of Taiwan-U.S. relations. Chen’s works have been exhibited internationally at the 48th Venice Biennal, the Galerie Nationale du Jeu de Paume in Paris, and the 6th Taipei Biennial, among others. He was awarded the Special Prize in 2000 at the 3rd Gwangju Biennial in Korea.

Represented at the Creative Time Summit by Amy Cheng.

Born 1960 in Taoyuan, Taiwan.
Lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan.