Voina creates radical performance art projects that highlight widespread political injustice by the Russian government.


Voina is a street art collective whose radical projects highlight political and authoritative injustices in Russia. Originally founded by Oleg Vorotnikov and Leonid Nikolaev, the group now includes over 200 members whose controversial and patriotic performances cause contention among both police and parliament. For instance, for their most recent project, Dick captured by KGB (2010), they fought off security and quickly painted a large penis on the Liteiny Bridge in St. Petersburg right before the bridge opened for the evening ships. When upright, the bridge points directly to the headquarters of the Federal Security Service (the organization that took over the KGB). Erect for several hours before authorities washed off the paint, Dick captured by the KGB loudly and publicly mocked ""the power of the unconquerable Russian phallus"". Other public art pieces have made political statements equally as honest and vulgar, leading to the arrest of Vorotnikov and Nikolaev. Other Voina activists continue to run from and trick the authority while producing ""libertarian Decembrist"" art, which passionately ignites audience sentiment and enrages Russian officials.

Founded 2007 in Moscow, Russia.