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Chen Shaoxiong



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Chen Shaoxiong, Xijing Men

Guangzhou, China


Shaoxiong is a member of Xijing Men, also comprising Tsuyoshi Ozawa (Japan) and Gimhongsok (Korea). Founded in 2006, Xijing Men is known for for staging scenarios imbued with satire, absurdity, and sarcasm that tackle geopolitical tensions.





  • In the “Xijing Olympics,” held by the collective during the Beijing Olympics, participants passed a lit cigarette in place of a torch, held a marathon on the subway, and played football with a watermelon
  • Chen also founded Big Tail Elephant Group, an influential art collective that used social commentary to address China’s rapid urbanization, globalization, and other issues in the 1990’s
  • They satirized the immigration policies between Japan and China with their Welcome to Xijing: Xijing Immigration Services