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Section 4: Art in the Age of Surveillance






Get to Know


• Since 2009, Rafa has been working on a long-term project called New Nationalisms which “tackles the pressing and shameful problem of nationalism” with tense footage and reports of political demonstrations, blockades, and protests.


• His photos and videos of the Euromaiden protests, featured here on Creative Time Reports, gave us an unprecedented look at the conflict erupting in Ukraine.


• Rafa keeps the camera rolling long after journalists have left the scene, resulting in the raw documentation of often unseen aspects of conflict in Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia.

Since 2009, Tomáš Rafa has investigated notions of nationalism in Central Europe through his ongoing documentary film project, New Nationalism. Traveling between Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia, the project details the creation of conflicts that arise from prejudices, superstitions, and resentments in the region. Featuring tense footage and reports of political demonstrations, blockades, and protests, Rafa captures events often unseen on televised news programs. Winner of the Oskár Cepan Award in Slovakia (2011), Rafa’s project is housed on a website that has been screened in museums and galleries across Europe, promoting positive social activism and triggering community conversations about nationalist conflicts. Rafa’s recent contribution to Creative Time Reports recounted his experience documenting the Euromaidan protests in Kiev earlier this year.