In order to build our global community, we are trying something completely new: We’re taking the Summit on the road! We could not be more excited to hit the road this year, landing in Stockholm, Sweden, on November 14-15! We know this leap will be significant, helping us to deepen our international connections and introduce us to new trailblazers working at the intersection of art and social justice.


What mattered most was finding a partner who shared our passion for exploring the intersection of art and social change

We have been dreaming about taking the Summit abroad since it began back in 2009, and determining our first location was no easy decision. Ultimately, what mattered to us most was finding a partner who shared our passion for exploring the intersection of art and social change. We found this and more when we were introduced to Public Art Agency Sweden, led by Magdalena Malm, who throughout her impressive career has shared Creative Time’s vision of pushing the boundaries of the way art is experienced in public space. Learn more about Stockholm and Public Art Agency Sweden below.


At Summit: Stockholm, as artists share their boundary-pushing work at Stockholm’s fabulous Kulturhuset, they will unpack the ways in which the financial crisis and subsequent austerity measures have radicalized segments of the population, leading to protest, activism, and a push for immigrant rights, as well as to a rise in nationalism and xenophobia. The Summit will tackle these themes as they are manifested not only in Europe, but also globally. Our partnership with Public Art Agency Sweden is a timely one, providing the opportunity to bring artists, activists, and politicians together to debate and propose solutions to these pressing issues.


While we hope our New York family will join us on this journey (check back soon for hotel deals and tips for finding cheap flights to Stockholm), we also want to reassure you that we will be back in 2015, bigger, better, and with a few hundred new Swedish friends!






We are so excited to partner with Public Art Agency Sweden, led by Director and Curator Magdalena Malm. Under her guidance, Public Art Agency Sweden has expanded its focus, initiating discussions about art’s role in public space through site-specific, temporary interventions and urban development projects. Projects like Loft Lift, by Simon Starling, who critiqued a new residential area in Sweden with a site-specific installation that explored the meaning of displacement, exemplify Public Art Agency Sweden’s dedication to close collaborations between artists and the communities in which they work.


Public Art Agency’s goal of enabling artistic reflection, experience, and critical constructive approaches to engaging society and operating in new places aligns closely with Creative Time’s belief that artists are able to uncover and reveal perspectives on issues in ways that are fresh and insightful, opening our eyes to new ways of looking at and understanding our world. Together we are bringing the Creative Time Summit to Stockholm to begin a global dialogue on some of the most pressing issues of our time.

Meet the Stockholm Team

Magdalena Malm


Amelia Lind
Head of Public Relations


Lisa Rosendahl


Edi Muka


Anna Lindholm
Communications Officer and Production Assistant


Matilda Ekström
Project Coordinator





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Fun Facts About Stockholm and Sweden


  • Stockholm has the world’s longest “public art collection,” occupying 90 out of 100 underground metro stations
  • The capital is also one of the most crowded museum-cities in the world, with around 100 museums, visited by millions of people every year.
  • Sweden has the highest proportion of personal computers per capita in Europe, with 500 P.C.’s per 1,000 people
  • Sweden has been the site of several famous art heists. In 1993 burglars stole six works by Picasso and two by Georges Braque, worth about $66 million, from Stockholm’s Moderna Museet by using a method copied from the 1955 French film Rififi.
  • Sweden is home to the world’s first Ice Hotel, located 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle. If you can’t make the journey, you can always visit the ICEBAR in Stockholm for an extra-cold cocktail!
  • Biomass has passed oil as the top source for energy generation. We have some catching up to do here in the US!
  • Stockholm is home to The SUPERMARKET, an annual international art fair overseen exclusively by and for artist-run art spaces and initiatives.
  • Parks and gardens make up a third of Stockholm!
  • In Sweden, the seasons are determined according to consistency of weather. It is considered fall when the temperature has been below 50°F for over a week, and winter is declared when it drops below 32°F.







Articles we are reading about the art, politics, and other current events in and around Sweden: