Tickets are now available for the 2013 Creative Time Summit, and we’re letting you decide how much to pay for the two-day conference. For the first time, we are offering pay-what-you-choose ticket pricing.




Ticket pricing has often been a top concern of Summit attendees. We’ve listened, and are making this year’s conference as affordable and accessible as possible.


The actual cost for each attendee is about $300—less than comparable conferences, but still a real expense. The graphic to the right shows where the money goes.


This system will only work if you really do pay what you can. We encourage everyone to contribute at the highest level possible to help subsidize the costs of those on a tighter budget!


So how much is it worth to you to join over 1,000 like-minded participants and hear from more than 30 of the most innovative artists, activists, critics, writers, and curators—this year representing 10 countries—while connecting with a global online audience of thousands?


Suggested price: $120

All ticket prices are for both days. Single-day tickets not available.


Are you a student? Pay $50
Are you a starving artist? Pay $60
Is your ticket covered by your employer or a scholarship? Pay $200
Love Creative Time and feel generous? Cover our costs to host you! Pay $300
Do you have a little extra? Help cover the cost of others! Pay $350
Suggested price Pay $120
Can’t afford any of these? Pay $25
Can you at least cover 3.6 seconds of the Summit? Pay $10



We want everyone to be able to experience the Summit, so if none of the prices below is possible, please contact