Workshop and Roundtable




AAFG: Bring Soup Love

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This session is held in the Art Gallery of Ontario, Gallery School (Room 020)


Led by Amy Wong, Annie Wong, Basil AlZeri, Emmie Tsumura, Marilyn Fernandes, Regina Wong of the Angry Asian Feminist Gang (AAFG)


The Angry Asian Feminist Gang is an amorphous group of self-identifying Asian feminists with an interest in art and cultural production. The group’s mission is to create a network of Asian feminists dedicated to working collaboratively, making space and developing dialogue centered on Asian feminist concerns. AAFG aims to develop an inclusive practice in which members can productively build up alternative cultural landscapes.


The AAFG will host a healing soup workshop and roundtable discussion. The collaborative making of a medicinal bone broth called Sei Mei Tong becomes a way to share sacred knowledge as well as create metaphors for ways of finding safety, support, and healing, and nurturing Diaspora communities within the arts.