An Activist, Librarian and VR Creator Walk into a Bar

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This session is held in the Art Gallery of Ontario, Seminar Room 3 East (Room 009)


Ana Serrano, Heather Mathis, Victor Willis, Justin Stephenson, Douglas Rushkoff


Workshop facilitators are from CFC Media Lab and the Toronto Public Library, representing an interdisciplinary group of passionate, engaged folks clamoring for post-capitalist solutions one evocative art project at a time.


How can citizens and communities take hold of their own political futures and design, build and share sustainable post-capitalist solutions for a more equitable and inclusive life? Members of the CFC Media Lab and the Toronto Public Library will host an interactive salon on how an arts-and-culture nonprofit and a public agency can use virtual reality (VR) and interactive art applications to work with artists, activists, citizens and local communities in order to create demand and share solutions for equitable living.