Creative Revolutions, Creating Homelands

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This session is held in the Art Gallery of Ontario, Jackman Hall (Room 002)


Led by Cannupa Hanska Luger, Wanda Nanibush, and Sylvia McAdam


Cannupa Hanska Luger is a multi-disciplinary artist of Mandan/Hidatsa/Arikara/Lakota descent. His work communicates stories of complex Indigenous identities that come up against 21st century challenges. Wanda Nanibush is an Anishinaabe-kwe curator, image and word warrior, and community organizer. Currently she is the inaugural curator of Canadian & Indigenous Art at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Sylvia McAdam (Saysewahum) is a direct descendant of Treaty peoples and is from the nēhīyaw Nation. Sylvia holds a JD from the University of Saskatchewan and a BHS from the University of Regina. Sylvia is co-founder of the award-winning, global grassroots Indigenous led movement ‘Idle No More’.


Art and Creativity are fast becoming the root and centre of Indigenous social movements for sovereignty as well as water and land protection. This panel of artists and land/water protectors asks: How are these creative actions like posters, installations, performances, and the round dance forming new social movements for Indigenous Peoples? Why is creativity at the heart of our homelands? What vision do artists and creative actions give to our future?