Ghost Intimacies: MICE Magazine Issue 3 Launch and Reading

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This session is held in the Art Gallery of Ontario, Seminar Room 2, (Room 018)


Led by Amy Fung, Christina Battle, Jaclyn Bruneau, Esme Hogeveen, Yaniya Lee, Marina Fathalla, Scott Miller Berry


MICE [Moving Image Culture Etc.] Magazine is an online periodical devoted to critical writing and artists’ projects about and within moving-image culture. It is published twice annually in Toronto and has an international focus. Members of MICE Magazine (4:3 Collective) are Amy Fung, Christina Battle, Scott Miller Berry, Jaclyn Bruneau, Jesse Cumming, Ben Donoghue, Esmé Hogeveen, Marina Fathalla and Yaniya Lee.


What are the techniques, ritual practices and hauntologies for un-silencing the ghosts and critiquing the ways racism, ableism, patriarchy, transphobia and homophobia alienate us from their and our stories? Please join the MICE Magazine Collective in reading and discussing together the newly released Issue 03: Ghost Intimacies.