Re-Imagining Liberation: Women of Color and Reflective Storytelling

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This session is held in the Art Gallery of Ontario, Weston Family Learning Centre, (Room 013)


Led by Sana A. Malik, Nehal El Hadi, Leyla Jeyte from This is Worldtown


“This Is Worldtown” is a digital hub featuring the first-person expression of women of color, globally, across storytelling mediums. The platform shares stories directly from those who are building, making art, sharing their pain and their truth. “This Is Worldtown” launched a successful series of panel events with prominent women of color media makers shaping new media realities in Toronto and beyond.


How have Women of Color reclaimed storytelling formats to evoke questions of identity and belonging? This session will explore “the production of presence,” which is defined as “the creation, management and distribution of content and stories that center the marginalized individual and reflect the being-in-the-world of marginalized groups in deliberately authentic and representative ways.” These accounts provide alternative retellings and imaginings of everyday lived experiences, counter dominant narratives and allow WOC to portray their realities in new ways.