Phranc-o-Mat by Phranc

"One of this year's artists, the Jewish lesbian folksinger Phranc, took a new career path, picking up an Exact-o blade to create the 'Phranc-O-Matic' food dispenser. It advertises femme wax, frozen sperm, rubbers, and pie, displaying cardboard mockups of each." (Naughty, Bawdy, Gaudy Was Never Like This," Tagami, New York Newsday.)

"'I've always been fascinated by automats,' the artist said. 'They're very beautiful-to look in the window and see a piece of pie so perfectly displayed like a piece of art-and you can put all the pieces together yourself.'" ("SoHo North, on 42nd Street, The New York Times)

Artists' Biography

Phranc, internationally acclaimed Jewish lesbian folksinger, has momentarily put down her guitar and picked up an Exact-o knife to create color sculpture from recycled cardboard. This Los Angeles-based artist has shown her work at Highways Performance Space, PS 122, Theater for the New City and White Column. She is a regular illustrator for the Los Angeles Times food section. She surfs in her spare time.

"I feel that being Jewish and being lesbian are two things that are relatively invisible in the big world. So I feel it's very important when I step on the stage to be identified as both." Phranc, when asked about her epithet, "Jewish, lesbian folksinger." ("Something Strange on 42nd Street," Robin Cembalest, Forward: July 22, 1994.)

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