Music in The Anchorage 1999

(5 nights in June organized by Kevin McHugh)

This yearıs Music in the Anchorage was designed with the installations of Exposing Meaning in Fashion Through Presentation in mind. If the experience of style is defined by what we are attracted to‹and how we respond‹each night of the Series will absorb and reflect this encounter in distinct and unexpected ways.

The performers in this series, like the installation designers, are impossible to categorize, though their influences are clear. They push and play with a range of sonic trajectories, using fashion and music as intertwined experiences.

Headliners include:

Thursday June 17, 9pm - 1am $12 ADV/ $15 DOS

DJ E.A.S.E of Nightmares on Wax - Nightmares on Wax recently released their third LP, Carboot Soul, a record so loaded with deep funk grooves, it could be the sexiest record every made. E.A.S.Eıs (George Evelyn) influence on DJıs and producers has lasted since the first Nightmareıs record in 1991. This is his only area appearance.

Khan with Julee Cruise - As a veteran of the NYC techno scene, Khanıs newest release 1-900-GET KHAN, combines the gritty sounds of acid house with the burlesque grind of striptease. His video has been a huge MTV Europe hit, where 900 numbers arenıt the norm.

Jega - Grouped with the ³drill-n-bass² sound (along with friends Squarepusher, m-Ziq, Aphex Twin), Jega has moved the erratic and disorienting sounds of left-field drum-n-bass into a more emotional and pensive territory.

Friday June 18, 10pm - 2am $12 ADV/ $15 DOS

Funkstörung -Their name can be translated as ³radio disturbance² or ³funk distortion.² Theyıve produced some of the most mind-boggling remixes of late (Björk, Wu-Tang Clan, East Flatbush Project) that build beats out of skittering noises, lurching rhythms and soft melodies. Their latest record includes a Funkstörung Aesthetic Standards manual that specifies, among other things, how a Funkstörung airplane should be painted.

Shantel - German producer Shantel (Stephan Hantel) has created a special niche for himself with a sound that is in the middle of house and hip-hop. It is ultimately a bouncy and danceable blend, that operates in the space between styles.

Ming & FS - Produce their own brand of junk yard drum-n-bass. They are battle turntablist mixing together live elements on four decks. They are on the forefront of Americanıs drum-n-bass scene creating a hip-hop and jungle fusion.

Liminal - Liminal have developed a reputation in the downtown music scene for smart, abstract beats that find the thin line between styles like drum-n-bass, hip-hop and techno.

Saturday June 19, 9pm - 1am $8 ADV/ $10 DOS

Caipirinha Productions presents Architettura, a night of architecture, technology, and music with soundscape performances by Terre Thaemlitz, Taylor Deupree, unit, Datachıi and Somatic. Using the mediums of music and film, Architettura strives to find synergy between these art forms in this age of globalization. Director, Iara Lee addresses minimalism, purity, transparency and contemporary architecture, conceived as an empty medium and buildings without text where conventional notions of space, time and context are re-evaluated in a short film and a slide-show.

Friday June 25, 10pm - 2am $15 ADV/ $17 DOS

DJ Jonah Sharp (aka Spacetime Continuum) - Fresh off the press! This is the first New York City performance of Spacetime Continuum since his June 1st record release of ³Double Fine Zone.² This Bay area DJ is known for spinning a mixture of free jazz, dark drum-n-bass, and Detroit techno while throwing in a little West Coast vibe.

Andrea Parker - Clearly one of the most admired DJs in the world, Parker seems almost unaware of the impact sheıs made with her DJ Kicks release and her contribution to this yearıs Reich Remixed compilation. Her mixture of old-school hip-hop and ambient textures have made her a truly sought after talent in the DJ world, and sheıs making a special appearance for this night only.

Lloop of We - We (aka multipolyomni) are always in pursuit of something unexpected. Having the rare distinction of being the only artists to have both performed in Music in the Anchorage as well as having produced an installation, they have never followed a straight line. Expect the same from tonightıs.

Saturday June 26, 10pm - 3am $17 ADV/ $20 DOS

Tonight marks the launch of konkrete jungle's Confluence Project, which showcases the variety of styles in fashion and music that are integrated in dance/DJ culture today. A Guy Called Gerald, Jerome Sydenham and Carl Craig are all artists who cross the artificial boundaries of most genres to create timeless music.

A Guy Called Gerald - Practically worshipped for more than a decade, A Guy Called Gerald continually pushes the limits of house music, keeping bodies moving all night long.

Jerome Sydenham - House music with a real African feel to it. Fans may know him from either Ibadan Records, which he runs, or the Body & Soul Scene for which he produces tracks. He is just back from a highly successful European Tour.

Carl Craig - Paperclip People project could be his most famous. A group of collaborators who donıt actually move (theyıre mannequins) help him bang out spacey bleeps and pounding rhythms. One of the reigning kings of Detroit techno, Craig will be making his second appearance in one of his ³favorite places,² the hallowed caverns of the Anchorage.


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