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Creative Time/DNAid is a series of public art projects that address the implications of today's genetic research on our global futures.

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How will our lives be better? - How will we be different in the future? - Why not live forever? - How do your genes look on you? - Who will own your DNA?
Featuring Roz Chast, Maira Kalman, Cary Leibowitz/Candyass, Larry Miller and Tom Tomorrow.

Calabazitaz Tiernaz

DNAid Deli Cup - Kalman

Creative Time has commissioned this series of artist designed deli coffee cups to spark public imagination around genetic research and how it will radically impact our daily lives. Why the deli coffee cup? That "first cup of the day" ritual offers a direct line into the waking minds of the public. What better way to inspire thoughts on how genetic research is impacting so many different areas of human endeavor? Also, this everyday, urban paper cup holds rich potential for encouraging NYC coffee and tea drinkers to consider what they are ingesting into their bodies, thus inspiring a multiple associations that range from genetically modified food to new DNA specific drugs.

Cups were available in coffee shops and bodegas in all five boroughs.

  • Jerry's (Prince and Mercer)
  • Sacred Chow (Hudson & 10th St)
  • Manhattan Heroes (27th St. & 7th Ave.)
  • The Muffin Shop (70th St. & Columbus Ave.)

Special thanks to Joshen Paper and Packaging.

This project was made possible, in part, with support from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs; and the New York State Council on the Arts, a State agency.