Ben RubinBen Rubin
open outcry
Ben Rubin's sound installation has two primary sonic elements: the first is a recording of the shouts and calls of open outcry trading at the nearby commodities exchanges (NYMEX, COMEX, and NYBOT). The second component is an audio display of fluctuating commodities prices, drawn from the Internet. The artist contrasts the heated verbal exchanges and the chaos of the trading floor with the cooler ebb and flow of international market data. His piece celebrates the vital culture of a longstanding downtown community facing digitization in the computer age.

Featuring the voices of Madeline Boyd, J. Robert Collins, Jr., David Greenberg, John Hanneman, Vincent Viola, Elisa Zuritsky, and others.

Special thanks to Mark Hansen, Nachamah Jacobovits, John Kilgore, Andrew Milmoe, Charlie Richmond, Julie Rottenberg, Richard Schaeffer, Guy Taylor, Marc Wise, Jamie York, New York Mercantile Exchange, and the New York Board of Trade.

Listen to an introduction to the piece by Ben Rubin (1.37 MB)

Photograph by Andrew G. Milmoe

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