Creative Time presents:
Metapet by Natalie Bookchin

Metapet re-launch: May 1st, 2003

In May, 2003, Creative Time is pleased to launch Metapet, an on-line virtual pet game by Natalie Bookchin. With Metapet, Bookchin explores the complex social and political issues surrounding genetic engineering and corporate behavior. Metapet is part of DNAid, Creative Time’s ongoing series of commissions addressing themes and issues related to genetics, and was produced in association with Hamaca.

In Metapet, Bookchin playfully takes on three cultural behemoths: the biotechnology industry, the electronic gaming industry, and corporate culture at large. To play Metapet is to enter a world in which the uncooperative worker is replaced with a genetically engineered human. The player, who manages the worker-pet, is responsible for motivating it to work hard and efficiently with incentives such as mugs, raises and vacations or modifications like dietary changes and plastic surgery. Creative Time’s launch of Metapet marks a new phase in the evolution of artist-made games and stakes out new territory for independent, creative practitioners.

Metapet will also feature minigames by guest artists including: Plagiarist, a.k.a. Amy Alexander, Davis & Davis, Carmin Karasic, Jeff Knowlton, Anne-Marie Schleiner, Naomi Spellman, Karl Mihail and Tran, T. Kim-Trang of the Gene Genies, and Paul Vanouse.

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