July 19-September 17
64 East 4th Street

STRANGE POWERS, Creative Time's summer group exhibition, assembles works by more than twenty internationally acclaimed artists--Pawel Althamer & Artur Żmijewski, James Lee Byars, Sophie Calle & Fabio Balducci, The Center for Tactical Magic, Peter Coffin, Jennifer Cohen, Anne Collier, Christian Cummings, Trisha Donnelly, Douglas Gordon, Brion Gysin, Friedrich Jürgenson (presented by Carl Michael von Hausswolff), Joachim Koester, Jim Lambie, Miranda Lichtenstein, Euan Macdonald, Jonathan Monk, Senga Nengudi, Paul Pfeiffer, Eva Rothschild, and Mungo Thomson--whose works explore the transformative power of art through a variety of magically charged manifestations. While a number of exhibitions have recently looked at aspects of the occult and the spiritual, STRANGE POWERS highlights artworks that are made to actually have a paranormal effect on the world, including spells, talismanic objects, and apparitions conjured and transcribed.

Co-curated by Laura Hoptman and Peter Eleey, the exhibition will be presented on the second floor of an East Village building, rumored to be haunted, Thursday and Friday (4-7pm), Saturday and Sunday (noon--7pm) from July 20 through September 17, 2006, with an opening reception on Wednesday, July 19, 6-7:30pm. Extending the show to Times Square, Euan Macdonald's video portrait of a healer will simultaneously offer its subject's positive psychic effects to the wider public on the last minute of every hour on The 59th Minute: Video Art on the NBC Astrovision by Panasonic.

Historical Photo, 64 East 4th Street