1 Downtown Drive-In Anne Pasternak /Alyson Pou
2 Custom and Culture Andrea Callard
3 Fun Gallery Patti Astor
4 Lincoln Center Out-of-Doors DJ Spooky
5 Art on the Beach Jody Culkin
6 Art on the Beach Craig Konyk
7 The Plain of Heaven Peter Eleey
8 Sonic Garden Laurie Anderson
9 The Dreamland Artist Club Steve Powers
10 Tribute in Light Julian LaVerdiere
11 Food Linda Yablonsky
12 The Mudd Club Linda Yablonsky
13 Love of a Poet John Kelly
14 The Black Sheep Anne Pasternak/Alyson Pou
15 Survival Research Laboratories Anne Pasternak/Alyson Pou
16 The 59th Minute John Waters
17 Max’s Kansas City Linda Yablonsky
18 Projects at the Precinct Stephen Antonakos
19 Jenny Holzer - For New York City Anne Pasternak/Alyson Pou
20 Local Frequencies The Sounds of Staten Island
21 Wink Anne Pasternak/Alyson Pou
22 Leap Chris Doyle
23 Touch Sanitation Performance Mierle Laderman Ukeles
24 Freedom of Expression National Monument Laurie Hawkinson
25 42nd Street Art Project Adele Lutz
26 Art in the Anchorage Anne Pasternak/Alyson Pou
27 Hellfire Club John Waters
28 Light Cycle Anne Pasternak/Alyson Pou
29 Combat Zone: HQ Against Domestic Violence Anne Pasternak/Alyson Pou
30 Day’s End Heather Peterson
31 Strange Powers Laura Hoptman
32 Clean Needles Save Lives: Drug Users Doing it for Ourselves Anne Pasternak/Alyson Pou
33 Fluxhouse Cooperative II None
Special thanks to individuals and companies who provided space for Creative Time Plaques.
One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This
This May, we’re marking NYC’s creative history by installing plaques at 33 sites that inspired us over the past three decades. Who cares where Eleanor Roosevelt slept? This is where Gordon Matta-Clark opened his SoHo Restaurant FOOD; where there was a sandy beach in Manhattan for 7 years; and where the Mudd Club once ruled the night! The sites were chosen by a range of artists and writers who have made a mark on NY themselves. The project literally jumps off the pages of Creative Time: The Book for which writer and critic Linda Yablonsky wrote an essay titled New York: A Personal Site Map.

Hear the History (as of May 1)
Click on the site on the left to read about what happened there, then click on the commentator to hear a story told by artists and notable New Yorkers. Or take a tour around the city, grab your cell phone, and look for the telephone number on each plaque. See the map below to get the address.

One Day It Will Please Us To Remember Even This is made possible with the generous support of the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, with an audio tour provided by Antenna Audio, a division of Discovery Travel Media.

Indicates a virtual plaque.