Anne Gadwa Nicodemus

Anne Gadwa Nicodemus, a researcher, writer, speaker, and advocate for the intersection of arts and community development, is principal of Metris Arts Consulting, which provides research, analysis, and planning support to help arts strengthen communities—and vice versa. A choreographer/arts administrator turned urban planner, Nicodemus writes and speaks extensively about creative placemaking and artist spaces. She has published widely, including “Creative Placemaking” (co-authored with Ann Markusen), the report for the Mayors’ Institute on City Design (2010) that defined the field as “public, private, not-for-profit, and community sectors partner[ing] to strategically shape the physical and social character of a, or region around arts and cultural activities”. Her journal article “Fuzzy Vibrancy” (Cultural Trends, 2013), and forthcoming book, The Creative Placemakers’ Playbook, look more deeply at creative placemaking as cultural policy, including its ethics and practical challenges.

Why we love Anne:

• Anne galvanized the creative placemaking movement, helping mayors, governors, and grassroots organizations across the nation impact their cities and communities

• Urban Planning is just one of her many talents -- she previously worked as an arts administrator, dancer, and choreographer!

• Anne’s upcoming book--we can’t wait!--The Creative Placemakers Playbook: Towards Effective and Ethical Arts-Based Community Transformations, addresses the ethics and practical challenges of placemaking as cultural policy