Carolina Caycedo’s fascination with exchange, both cultural and economic, is expressed through a variety of initiatives that engage urban communities and subvert traditional capitalist structures.

Carolina Caycedo

Carolina Caycedo is an artist who is invested in urban street cultures, issues of immigration, and processes of exchange. Her practice often incorporates bartering in city streets in order to develop an alternative value system to the traditional capitalist structure. In 2002, starting with a van with a full tank of gas, she subsisted solely on what she could barter in Vienna for her two month project “I Need You Need I Give You Give.” Her work has been exhibited in well-known museums and festivals worldwide, including the 2006 Whitney Biennale, the 2003 Venice Biennale, and Manifesta 4.

Born 1978 in London.
Lives and works in New York and San Juan, Puerto Rico.