Hou Hanru, an internationally known curator of Asian contemporary art, creates artistic experiences that explore the “in-betweenness” of artists living in diaspora.

Hou Hanru

As a prolific and active curator of Asian contemporary art, Hou Hanru addresses contemporary practice, cultural phenomena, and the conditions of artists living in the diaspora from the perspective of hybridity and what he calls ""in-betweenness."" Cities on the Move (1997-2000), an international exhibition he curated with Hans-Ulrich Obrist, emphasized the ways in which Asian contemporary artists have dealt with rapid changes in urban lifestyles and values. The show was partially an attempt to reconsider the definition of exhibitions themselves as it evolved at each location, taking into consideration specific spaces and sites, and changing the presentation accordingly. Hanru has since curated many international biennials such as Shanghai (2000), Istanbul (2007), Venice (2007), and Lyon (2009). He has been a consultant for cultural institutions across the world including the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Global Advisory Committee of the Walker Art Center, and the Asian Art Council. Hanru is the French correspondent for Flash Art International and regularly contributes to many contemporary art publications including Frieze and Art Monthly. He is the Director of Exhibitions and Public Programs and the Chair of the Exhibitions and Museum Studies program at the San Francisco Art Institute.

Born 1963 in Canton (Guangzhou), China.
Lives and works in San Francisco, CA and Paris, France.