Igor Grubic intervenes into the public spaces of his native Croatia, including Red Peristil, in which Peristil Square of the emperor’s palace was painted red in protest of totalitarianism.

Igor Grubic

Igor Grubic is known for his site-specific interventions within public spaces. Grubic’s most well known intervention is Black Peristil in Split, a reenactment of the Red Peristil demonstrations in 1968 where the entire Peristil Square of the emperor’s palace in Split, Croatia was painted red in protest to totalitarianism. Grubic’s most recent project, 366 liberation rituals, involved daily political actions that ranged from visibly radical gestures, such as dyeing the water in a public fountain red, to subtle private gestures directed at the artist himself. Grubic has exhibited at Manifesta 4 in Frankfurt, as well as the 11th Istanbul Biennial.

Born 1969 in Zagreb, Croatia
Lives and works in Zagreb