Street Agitator; Writer

La Paz, Bolivia

Maria Galindo, Mujeres Creando

Maria Galindo is a founding member of the twenty-year-old, Bolivian feminist movement Mujeres Creando. She is the author of their thesis on Despatriarcalizacion, which is a neologism to describe the dismantling of patriarchy. Insisting that decolonization cannot occur unless patriarchy is dismantled, Mujeres Creando questions technocracy, the neoliberal vision of gender equality, and gendered categories. The members’ critical stance against President Evo Morales has placed them in several difficult situations. At the moment, they risk losing their license to operate their radio station, Radio Deseo. Seeking to transform social politics, the members of Mujeres Creando refer to themselves as Indians, whores/ sluts, and lesbians building sisterhood together. They participate in culture through such actions as creating a space for abortions at the São Paolo Biennial.