Danish collaborative Superflex creates projects in which spectators find themselves actively questioning prevailing economic and democratic models.


Superflex is a Danish artist collaborative whose projects engage economic forces, explorations of the democratic production of materials, and self-organization. They describe their projects as tools for spectators to actively participate in the development of experimental models that alter the prevailing model of economic production. For the ongoing project Guarana Power (2004), the artists developed a soft drink in collaboration with Guarana farmers in the Brazilian Amazon who have organized themselves in response to the corporate monopoly on the purchase of raw material. Working with those who cultivate the Guarana plant, this effort works to make economic structures and the complexities therein more visible to the public eye. Superflex has exhibited in galleries around the world and been included in international art festivals such as the 42nd Kunsthalle Basel, Switzerland; the 6th Gwangju Biennial, Korea; and the 50th Venice Biennial, Italy.

Founded 1993. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark.