Tone Olaf Nielsen

Tone Olaf Nielsen’s practice as an independent curator, activist, and educator is shaped by her firm belief in the ability of art to contribute to social and political transformation. It is with this ethos that she co-founded the decolonial-transnational feminist curatorial collective Kuratorisk Aktion in 2005. The collective has received international recognition for its work on race, class, and gender justice in projects such as Rethinking Nordic Colonialism (2006) and their upcoming exhibition space CAMP (Center for Art on Migration Politics). In 2009, Nielsen partnered with artist Morten Goll to found the Trampoline House, a community center in Copenhagen that offers counseling, education, and community to refugees and undocumented migrants. With projects such as Democracy When?! Activist Strategizing in Los Angeles (2002) and Minority Report: Challenging Intolerance in Contemporary Denmark (2004), Nielsen has helped generate platforms for anti-racist, anti-sexist, and decolonial critique and action.