DC Nonfiction Filmmaking and Storytelling in the 51st State

This session is a roundtable discussion of makers, curators, programmers and impact producers working locally and screening globally, organized by Giovanna Chesler and Dawne Langford.


Featuring Producers, Directors, and Editors including Brandon Kramer, Melissa Regan, N’Jeri Eaton, Jon Goff, Heather Courtney, Madeleine Hunt Ehrlich, Jason Osder, Melissa Bisagni, Maura Ugarte, Montre Aza Missouri, Angelica Das and Leena Jayaswal


Occurs only during Session 2





Giovanna Chesler (left)

Director and Producer at G6 Pictures; Professor at George Mason University

Washington DC, USA


Dawne Langford (right)

Director and Producer at Macro Pictures

Washington DC, USA