Rena Rädle and Vladan Jeremic

Rena Rädle and Vladan Jeremić are Belgrade-based artists whose research-oriented work comprises drawing, text, video, photography, installation and intervention in public space. In their collaborative practice they explore the relation between art and politics, unveiling the contradictions of today’s societies and developing transformative potentials of art in the context of social struggles. They engage with current debates and struggles in collaboration with social movements and disseminate their work through reproduction in various media. They exhibited at Brooklyn Museum, NY (AgitProp! 2016), 56th October Salon, Belgrade (2016), Museum of Contemporary Art, Ljubljana (2016), District, Berlin (2017), Manifesta 12, Palermo (Politics of Dissonance, 2018), Steirischer Herbst (rotor, 2018) Graz.




Rena Rädle and Vladan Jeremić