Tidal Rage: Drag en la Frontera


Queerness and gender-nonconforming issues hold a more evident role in the national and international consciousness today than perhaps ever before, though the experiences, struggles and ideas of these communities have always had far reaching socio-political impact. Drawing its title from our waterfront location and contemporary ecological concerns, this series of performances aims to introduce summit attendees to Miami through the art of drag.


We aim to look beyond the gloss of hyper-development and the dominant art world, and to show a creative art form that responds to Miami’s location at the edge of the United States, where the geographic and allegorical North meets the South. Many of the city’s contradictions are embodied upon a queerness that portrays the ambitions and imaginings of new worlds.


Tidal Rage will feature Miami’s alternative, creative drag, with some performances engaging directly with contemporary politics, taking on local, national and global issues.


Participating artists: Bhenji Ra, KUNST, Miss Toto, Lolita Cabrón, Andro Gin, Dang Ho Yu Sickning, Queef Latina, Karla Croqueta, Jupiter Velvet, Ded Cooter, Persephone Vonlips, Jules Inbed, and Yoko Oso


Hosted by JV Portela and Karla Croqueta


DJ: Stephanie Zehno


Stage Design and Special performance by sleeper


Pop-up Nail Art installation by Porn Nail$