WATCH: Althea Thauberger 2011 Grange Prize video

Althea Thauberger

Vancouver, Canada


Over the last decade, Canadian artist and filmmaker Althea Thauberger has been creating films, videos, photographs, and performances that involve close and thoughtful collaboration with her subjects.





  • In addition to forming meaningful relationships with her subjects, Althea undertakes rigorous critical and historical readings of the physical, social, and institutional sites in which her work takes place
  • She recently staged Peter Weiss’s 1963 play Marat/Sade in the decommissioned waterworks and laundry facilities at the Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital in Prague, the largest clinic in the Czech Republic
  • She traveled to Kandahar, Afghanistan, as part of the Canadian War Artist program, met and created photographs with Canadian women in uniform who were working at Kandahar Airfield, and the Ma’sum Ghar Forward Operating Base