Anne Gadwa Nicodemus



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Anne Gadwa Nicodemus

Easton, Pennsylvania


Anne Gadwa Nicodemus is a researcher, writer, speaker, and advocate for the intersection of arts and community development. Her influential report Creative Placemaking co-authored in 2010 with Anne Markusen, was developed for the Mayors’ Institute of City Design and is a key resource for those seeking to leverage the arts to help shape communities.





  • Anne galvanized the creative placemaking movement, helping mayors, governors, and grassroots organizations across the nation impact their cities and communities
  • Urban Planning is just one of her many talents — she previously worked as an arts administrator, dancer, and choreographer!
  • Anne’s upcoming book–we can’t wait!–The Creative Placemakers Playbook: Towards Effective and Ethical Arts-Based Community Transformations, addresses the ethics and practical challenges of placemaking as cultural policy