WATCH: Chido Govera – using coffee waste to grow mushrooms


WATCH 2: Chido Govera explains how quitting school and a subsequent opportunity changed the course of her life

Chido Govera



Chido Govera is a farmer, campaigner, and educator who teaches mushroom cultivation to thousands of people from across the world, from her native Zimbabwe to Colombia.





  • Govera began mushroom farming at the age of 11 having been orphaned at age 8 in Mutare, Zimbabwe. By age 16 she was using her profits from mushroom cultivation to single-handedly provide for her grandmother and send her brothers to school
  • Her amazing story has inspired communities in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, India, Colombia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, to grow mushrooms as a sustainable means of providing food and income
  • Her method of growing mushroom both provides sustenance and reduces waste, as she cultivates mushrooms using leftover coffee grinds from cafes around the world