Lize Mogel


WATCH: Talk on Counter-cartography and the City presented by My City’s Still Breathing: A symposium exploring the arts, artists and the city

Lize Mogel

New York, NY


Artist Lize Mogel creates and disseminates “counter-cartography,” a practice that uses maps and mapping to challenge the mainstream narrative of a site. She connects the standard history and collective imagination about specific places to larger narratives about globalization.





  • Lize co-edited An Atlas of Radical Cartography, which sought to unhinge our perspectives about the world and critique the power relations inherent in mapmaking
  • She mapped unbuilt “ghost” highways and followed the flow of the Anacostia River through Washington D.C., encouraging visitors to tour the District’s
    forgotten and underground sites
  • Lize made New York City’s unseen infrastructure visible with a talk titled This Picnic Stinks, held in a park that’s on top of a wastewater treatment plant in Harlem