Urban Geography



“Uneven Development: Public Art in New York”
Rosalyn Deutsch

October – Winter 1988

“Of yuppies and housing: gentrification, social restructuring, and the urban dream”
Neil Smith

Environment and Planning D Society and Space – 1987

“Right to the City Charter”
Habitat International Coalition

May, 2005

“The Right to the City”
David Harvey

New Left Review – September-October, 2008

Social Spaces
Henri Lefevbre

The Production of Space – 1974

VIDEO: David Harvey Interview: Tarlabasi, Istanbul
On the impact of urban renewal and gentrification, the increasing class segregation of cities, and the question of how to fight back.

June, 2012




Creative Placemaking




“Defining Creative Placemaking: A Talk with Ann Markusen and Anne Gadwa Nicodemus”
Ann Markusen, Anne Gadwa Nicodemus

NEA Arts Magazine – September, 2012

“Artists and Gentrification: Sticky Myths, Slippery Realities”
Anne Gadwa Nicodemus

Createquity.com – April, 2013

“Creative Placemaking Has an Outcomes Problem”
Ian Moss

Createquity.com – May, 2012

“Dead End on Shakin’ Street”
Thomas Frank

The Baffler, No. 20

VIDEO: Ann Markusen on the “Creative Placemaking” White Paper
Ann Markusen discusses her new report, “Creative Placemaking,” commissioned by the NEA
Mayors’ Institute on City Design
VIDEO: ArtPlace spurs Creative Placemaking across the US
ArtPlace is investing art and culture at the heart of a portfolio of integrated strategies that can drive vibrancy and diversity so powerful that it transforms communities.




Creative Class & Rebukes




Cities and the Creative Class
Richard Florida

Cities and the Creative Class – 2005

“The Fall of the Creative Class”
Frank Bures

Thirty Two Magazine – June, 2012

“What Critics Get Wrong About Creative Class and Economic Development”
Richard Florida

The Atlantic Cities – July, 2012

VIDEO: “Why Creativity is the New Economy”
Richard Florida discusses developing the full human and creative capabilities of each individual, combined with institutional supports such as commercial innovation and new industry, will put us back on the path to economic and social prosperity from his book Cities and the Creative Class.




Art World Perspectives on Gentrification



“The Artistic Mode of Revolution: From Gentrification to Occupation”
Martha Rosler

e-flux Journal, no. 33 – March, 2012

“Culture Class: Art, Creativity and Urbanism, Part I”
Martha Rosler

e-flux Journal, no. 21 – December, 2010

“Culture Class: Art, Creativity and Urbanism, Part II”
Martha Rosler

e-flux Journal, no. 23 – March, 2011

“Culture Class: Art, Creativity and Urbanism, Part III”
Martha Rosler

e-flux Journal, no. 25 – May, 2011

“Art and its Cultural Contradictions”
Joshua Decter

Afterall – Autumn-Winter, 2009

Interview with LaToya Ruby Frazier and Greg Lindquist
LaToya Ruby Frazier and Greg Lindquist

BombBlog – December, 2010

Changing Places
Dan Fox, Nils Norman, Timotheus Vermulen, Anton Vidokle, Sharon Zukin

Frieze Magazine – January, 2012

VIDEO: “Artistic Mode of Revolution: From Gentrification to Occupation”
Reading of the work by Martha Rosler
VIDEO: Jeanne van Heeswijk on community development by co-production
van Heeswijk discusses “radicalising the local” as one of the most important things in the effort to develop communities, speaking specifically about Ansfield, Liverpool and Afrikaanderwijk, Rotterdam.




New York Case Studies




The Changing State of Gentrification
Jason Hackworth and Neil Smith

Royal Dutch Geographical Society KNAG – November, 2000

“The Fine Art of Gentrification”
Rosalyn Deutsch and Cara Gendel Ryan

The Portable Lower East Side – Spring, 1987

“Letter From Flushing: On Gentrification in an Unhip Place”
Jefferson Mao

Next City – March, 2013

“Super-gentrification: The Case of Brooklyn Heights, New York City”
Loretta Lees

Urban Studies – November, 2003




Mayoral and City Officials



“President Spandex”
Michael Shifter

Foreign Policy – May, 2010

“Wrought From Ruins”
Nell Porter Brown

Harvard Magazine – 2010

“Braddock Mayor Has His Critics”
Moriah Balingit

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – May, 2009

VIDEO: Bogotá: Improving Civic Behavior – Cities on Speed
Bogotá Change, directed by Andreas Dalsgaard, is the unique and surprising story of two mayors, Antanas Mockus and Enrique Peñalosa, who have changed behaviour patterns in the Colombian capital, bringing Bogotá out of a negative spiral of violence and chaos and remaking it as something of a visionary role model for other megacities.