Summit Screening Site F.A.Q.



What is a Summit Screening Site?
Screening Sites are remote, independently organized centers for engagement with the Creative Time Summit. Since 2011, a global network of over 200 organizations, universities, and cultural institutions have hosted screenings of the Summit everywhere from Melbourne to Kathmandu, expanding our audience to new corners of the world. Screening Sites enable local communities all over the world watch the Summit together and discuss the issues presented during the conference. They are encouraged to bring in local speakers and organize other live components to their events such as moderated discussions, workshops, artist projects – the sky is the limit! Each Site has the freedom to structure their events in any way they see fit, but they must screen a portion of the Summit, or the Summit in its entirety.



Who can screen the Summit?
Any individual, organization, or university with an Internet connection can stream the Summit. We believe that watching the Summit as a community enhances and deepens the experience, so we encourage you to think about turning your screening into a public event.



What do I need to do to organize a Screening Site event?
While each event will have different needs, we encourage all Screening Sites to do the following:

  • Locate and secure a venue to host the screening and any other programming – we suggest somewhere with comfy seats, a projector/speakers, and space to have break-out conversations;
  • Designate one point person to oversee the screening and another individual facilitate social media conversation throughout the run of your event;
  • Market the event and conduct outreach to local audiences (getting people excited and in the room!);
  • Organize documentation of your event and sharing it with Creative Time afterwards. We’d love to be able to share your event with our audiences!



In keeping with Creative Time’s Commitment to Universal Human Rights and Free Expression, we do require all Screening Sites to join us in upholding these high standards. The ideas expressed at the Summit are meant to be shared broadly, but due to practical constraints we can neither monitor nor speak to the specific ethics and values of the sites listed.



I live on the other side of the planet! Does my Screening have to be live?
We encourage you to screen the Summit live if possible in order to maximize opportunities for social media dialogue and also to take advantage of Q&A sessions with select presenters. However, if your time difference prevents you from screening it live, you can still screen the Summit after it happens or choose selected presentations to show. Should you choose to take this approach, we recommend screening the Keynote and Section Framer to your get your audience acquainted with the themes and issues at the core of the Summit.



How tech savvy do I need to be to screen the Summit?
The technology for screening the Summit is generally accessible. It’s as simple as hooking up a projector to a computer with a reliable Internet connection and speakers. We partner with Livestream to embed the stream directly on our Summit home page:



For those not screening presentations live, you will be able to access the full, unedited continuous stream after it airs on the Creative Time channel on Livestream.



How much does it cost to be a screening site?
Streaming the Summit online is totally free. Of course, there may be individual costs of securing a venue and inviting speakers or other programming, but that is entirely up to the host!



How much do I charge for tickets?
We encourage you to host a free event if financially possible. Of course you are welcome to charge admission to cover the costs of organizing the screening, but we ask that you keep this minimal and not at profit.



What is the ideal outcome of a remote screening?
We dream of building an international Summit community that extends far beyond the people in the room. Screening events ideally ignite lively debate on pressing social issues on both a global and local scale.



The size of a screening is not the most important element – we have heard success stories from both intimate convenings and standing room only auditoriums. How you organize your event and set its goals is totally up to you (though we would love to know your plans!). We do hope that lasting connections are made and new opportunities for collaboration and exchange are created.



Are their examples of past Screening Site events I can look at for inspiration?
Yes! There have been many incredible Screening Site events over the years, but one of our favorites was the 2013 Screening in Melbourne organized by the Center for Cultural Partnerships. They found a creative solution to the time zone challenges with an all-night event that included live introductions and panel discussions in Melbourne’s Federation Square, “artZones” and discussion areas with beanbag chairs, live music, a DJ fueled dance party, and wrap up conversations over breakfast! They also had a robust social media presence and excellent marketing – check out the website here to learn more.



Another great example is the 2016 Screening in Dhaka, Bangladesh organized by the University of Liberal Arts (ULAB). In addition to organizing their own live presentations and panels, the students and professors were able engage the local community in the lead up to the Summit with an interactive graffiti mural that invited people to paint, draw and write on it with their ideas about that year’s Summit theme “Occupy the Future.” You can watch the mini-documentary they made about the mural here to learn more.



What support will Creative Time offer Screening Sites?
While our small Summit team is busy preparing for the Summit, we are happy to promote Screening Sites and lend support where we can by:

  • Providing a marketing kit with all logos, approved text, and the official press release/one sheet to promote your event;
  • Providing a PDF version of our summit program for you to distribute;
  • Providing a comprehensive plan for social media engagement and connecting you with other screening sites;
  • Helping arrange Skype or Web-Ex Q&A sessions between sites and select presenters.



How do I sign-up to become a Screening Site?
Simply fill out this form to sign-up! There is no deadline to register.



Still have questions?
Organizations that have additional questions about our Screening Site program are asked to email





Simply fill out this form to sign-up! There is no deadline to register.