Creative Time

Talia Bilodeau

Director of Development

Talia Bilodeau is Director of Development at Creative Time. She is responsible for ensuring that Creative Time has the funding it needs to bring ambitious, socially-engaged art to the public and contribute to the most pressing dialogues and dreams of our time.
Talia is a long-time fundraiser and advocate for social justice issues both in the United States and internationally. For close to a decade, Talia served as Vice President for Strategy and External Relations at the Fund for Global Human Rights, which supports locally-led human rights advocacy in Africa, Asia and Latin America on many issues—from indigenous land rights in Guatemala to post-conflict justice in Sierra Leone to LGBTI rights in India. Talia also served as Vice President for Development at the National Women’s Law Center, which focuses on the needs and rights of low-income women in the U.S. to adequate health care, reproductive health access, and equal educational and employment opportunities. While living in Hong Kong, Talia worked as a consultant to assist diverse non-profit organizations with their fundraising, communications, program development and governance. She has a BA from Boston University and a JD from George Washington University Law School.
Talia’s first encounter with Creative Time was the 2008 Democracy in America project, and she has been an admirer ever since.