M. River & T. Whid Art Assoc. Logo

are some, but not all, of the following:

  1. The first collaborative art group to be openly traded on the NASDAQ.

  2. Conveyors of fine commemorative social art.

  3. A sub-division of MT Enterprises World Wide.

  4. Interested in the commodification of personal and social history.

  5. Believers in fiction.

  6. A splinter group of the WPA.

  7. Michael Sarff, a young sculptor (shows @ Socrates Sculpture Park and 57Hope) who makes his living as a carpenter.

  8. Tim Whidden, a young comix artist (co-editor of Burger and BGR., also published in WW3 & Top Shelf) who makes his living as a decorative artist.

  9. All of the above.

  10. None of the above.
But what we truly are is thankful to Creative Time for the hours of guidance and support.

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